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Because they understand us without big words

Time to say a big thank you

May, Mother’s Day, mylederer

With May comes Mother’s Day. And with it a day that is made to say thank you.

Some would say that I’m the furry child of the Lederer family. And because May is the month when mum expects colourful flowers, artful drawings, and big kisses, I’ve thought to myself: This year, I’ll join in on the fun! That’s why I’ve already practiced my best doggie kisses.

To say thank you, as one is supposed to do. What I’m thankful for, you ask?

Definitely for my cosy dog bed here at Lederer, and for the treats, that regularly fill my bowl. For the fact that I, my human parents, and our guests get to live in an accommodation in Kaprun that we all love, fur real! And for the mountains and meadows and the neighbour’s cat that I love to chase around ...

If you now feel that you are incredibly grateful as well, then grab your mum, auntie, grandma, best friend and spend a few fine days with us. Great idea, right? At Lederer in Kaprun, anything is paw-sible. Promise!

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