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On 30 April, summer starts!

Beltane at Kaprun Castle

Walpurgis Night in Pinzgau

The lords of Kaprun Castle were responsible for monitoring the roads in the Middle Ages. Today, it’s me who keeps an eye on them.

There’s no doubt about the fact that dogs used to live at Kaprun Castle back in the Middle Ages. And because, as the story goes, the lords of Felben fought against the lords of Walchen over the castle, the Salzburg archbishops kept themselves out of it all and simply claimed the castle for themselves. The old walls have seen some truly eventful times. Today, the castle is a quiet yet popular destination.

So, why not stop by the castle on 30 April? Beltane Night ushers in May and it's the night when the witches celebrate Walpurgis. I have yet to see someone flying on a broom over our accommodation in Kaprun, but I will keep my eyes peeled as I do every year. I hope I won’t fall asleep, after all, my spot in Lederer’s living room is sooo cosy …

Anyway, there is a big festival at the castle and I can feel that spring and summer are already in the Pinzgau air. Who knows what the warm season has in store for us … I am ready for new adventures. How about you?

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