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For a better world: sustainability

Striving for maximum profit by exploiting nature is an outdated model, and thankfully so. We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and society. And we consciously act sustainably to protect what we love and what our guests needs: an intact environment.

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The difference between what you are and what you want to be is what you do.


Our five fields of action

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We use a mix of green electricity, which means that 100% of Lederer’s electricity comes from renewable sources. In addition, we plan to phase out gas by the end of 2025 and generate our own energy with the 20kW photovoltaic system on our roof. 90% of the electricity produced gets used in the hotel.

Smart living

With the help of a groundwater heat pump, we cover about 70% of our heat requirement and control this by means of intelligent heating and cooling technology through thermal concrete core activation. This allows us to do without decentralised air con units in the rooms.

When controlling our home technology, we focus on energy efficiency. The use of the latest building insulation and glazing as well as central card readers in the rooms help us to use resources responsibly. 85% of our light bulbs use LED technology and we save precious water by installing flow restrictors in the bathroom fittings.


We are striving for certification with the Austrian Eco label and the European ECO label and already balance our accounts according to the Economy for the Common Good. As a member of the climate and energy model region Zell am See-Kaprun, we train the awareness of our employees in matters of sustainability and provide comprehensive information on this topic on our website. Inside the hotel, info screen and brochures keep our guests informed.

Hotel life

Whenever possible, we buy certified organic and fair-trade products and focus on vegan options. By choosing local and regional partners, we support the local community. Following the motto “avoid – separate – recycle”, we actively strive to avoid waste and the use of plastic (dosing units, pre-mix stations, reusable bottles).


We provide our guests with e-charging stations for cars and bikes and, in the summer season, promote the free use of public transport in the region with the mobility ticket. In winter, the ski bus brings our guests to the ski area for free. We also plan to create environmental tickets for all our employees. Last but not least, Lederer’s loyalty programme rewards all guests who arrive by bus or train with double bonus points.

Together we can change things

Change begins within every single one of us. If you share our passion for sustainability and would like to help protect the environment, we have put together a list of small actions that make a big difference.

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Mobile – even without a car

Travelling to Kaprun by train is easy and enjoyable and gives your car a break. Speaking of break: Leaving your car behind is super easy if you’re staying with us. With the excellent public transport network, you can get from A to B and everywhere you want in an environmentally friendly and comfortable way.

Less is more

All it takes to save our resources is the flick a light switch or the turning off of a tap. Every drop saved is a drop gained. Because sometimes less is more. 

Want to separate?

If you want to separate recyclables such as plastic, paper or glass, please use the recycling bins provided. Recycle and break the cycle of polluting our environment.

Once doesn’t count

Using a towel more than once is a real win-win situation. We save water, you help save the environment.

After round 1 ... comes round 2

The breakfast buffet is tempting? That’s good to hear. Treat yourself to not just one, but maybe two rounds of delicacies. Why? Because those who put less on their plates in the first round will have more to discover during the second round.

Choose local, buy regional

Buy from regional suppliers to cut down on environmental impacts of transport.

Flora, fauna, trust

Preserve the beauty of our nature by bringing your litter home with you.

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