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For a better world: economy for the common good

People are at the centre of our attention. Not profit maximization at all costs. This attitude has nothing to do with social romanticism. Quite the contrary. Influenced by our liberal parents, our education, and professional experience, and thanks to our ability to self-reflect, we have become more and more convinced that doing business successfully must never be at the expense of others. Exhausting all possibilities without regard for losses must come to an end. The concept of the common good economy is our future. Values such as solidarity, human dignity, and sustainability are what really counts. We act according to these principles. Every single day.

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The difference between what you are and what you want to be is what you do.


For you. For us. For the whole world.

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The people who work with us on the success of our company are and have always been close to our hearts. Respectful and cooperative interaction at eye level is an unshakeable standard for us.


We have been committed to the responsible use of resources and the protection of our environment since long before the climate catastrophe stared looming over our heads. During the construction of our hotel in Kaprun, we consciously opted for environmentally friendly technologies, such as a groundwater heat pump and the use of a building component activation system for heating and cooling the building. The newly installed PV system on the roof and the purchase of electricity from 100% renewable energy further help us reduce the ecological footprint of our hotel. 


Supporting the local economy has been important to us from the very beginning. That's why we only use local and regional suppliers and service providers, as long as availability is guaranteed. Most of the food we serve you at our sumptuous breakfast comes from our region – including lots of certified organic products that we love to buy despite their higher price.

Social commitment

We are part of the community and as such, we support local associations. We have also recently become a proud member of the Global Family Initiative, which provides carefree holidays and loving hospitality to families in exceptional circumstances.

Critical discussion

Today’s tourism in the Alps has little to do with the basic idea of travelling and being a host. A fact that we want to change because the gap between economy and environment is growing wider and wider. At our hotel in Zell am See-Kaprun we are committed to mindful tourism. We are not afraid to express and discuss our critical thoughts and want to encourage others to do the same. 

Want to learn more about our concept of common good? Then take a look at our report on the common good (in german), in which we disclose our actions to you.

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