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Recipe to try at home

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Pinzgauer Nidei: Recipe to try at home

Pinzgauer Nidei are a traditional culinary delight. Here’s the recipe.

I love nothing more than a chewy bone as a treat. My human parents on the other hand live for Pinzgauer Nidei. And guests staying in Alpbachtal at our hotel love them too. Pinzgauer Nidei are a traditional and absolutely tasty culinary delight from Tyrol. In the olden days, people would eat them only on Fridays (“Freitag” in German). And that’s why locals call them “Freitagsnidei”. And because people from Pinzgau are known to be creative, they also call them Damnidei (because of the thickness of the thumb, or “Daumen”), Oischneidnidei (because they are cut off, or “oischneiden”) or Erdepfinidei (because of the potatoes, or “Erdepfl”). The name may be different, but the recipe remains the same. And since sharing is caring, here’s the recipe: Boil 600g of unpeeled potatoes. When the consitency is right, strain and peel the potatoes. Important: Do not burn your fingers! Mash the potatoes, then add an egg, a cup of flower, some milk, a pinch of salt and some nutmeg. Knead into a smooth dough. Form rolls with a diameter of about one centimeter and cut into thumb-thick “Nidei”. Fry in a pin with melted butter. I love to serve them with sauerkraut. Enjoy!

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