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Breakfast at Lederer

In Lederer’s living room, apartments, or dog beds

Feast like a king – that’s the motto at Lederer’s breakfast. I’ll tell you why!

What I like most? Meat. A slice of cheese. A piece of banana. Sometimes early in the morning, other times a little bit later. All the delicious things from the region that my human parents serve up for you tickle my nose. I’ve heard that some pets like to have something sweet in the morning. Muesli and fruit and jams that look like a rainbow of yellows and reds wait at the buffet. The crunchy sound of someone eating a fresh bread fills the air. And my eyes spot someone buttering a sandwich. Yup, breakfast here at Lederer is absolutely incredible. As is wellness in Austria with us. That’s not just me saying that. I know: Everyone finds what they like here.
And for those who prefer to snuggle up in their pajamas in the morning and have breakfast in bed, Mama Gisi is always happy to prepare fresh egg dishes, coffee, and everything their heart desires. And it goes without saying that she brings everything up to their room.
I might try that too. I’ll just order two extra sausages and a piece of cheese in a basket. Who says dog can’t learn anything from humans? Woof.

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