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Tresterer dance: a living tradition

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Tresterer dance in Zell am See

At the beginning of January, wonderful creatures flock to the village square of Zell am See to perform their magical Tresterer dance.

“Griass Eich Gott, welcome to a very special spectacle” is what you’ll hear on January 5th in the village square of Zell am See. On this day, the Tresterer dancers impress young and old, locals and guests alike with their wonderful movements and traditional costumes. Magnificent brocade suits, stunning headdresses made of feathers, and dazzling accessoires leave everyone in awe. The Tresterer dance consists of two parts, one with music and one without. Circle dances with running and stamping steps are typical. The exact origins of the Tresterer dance are unknown, but can probably be found in the winegrowing regions on the southern side of the Alps, where trestern (or “mashing grapes” in English) is a very common activity. Historians assume that the custom was once also common in Pinzgau. Here in Kaprun-Zell am See, we’re always open for new things. But we also love our traditions. And that’s why this dance is so imporant to us. And why it’s part of the intangible UNESCO cultural heritage. Experience it during your stay in our hotel in Zell Am See – you won’t regret it.

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